List Endpoints

Several Zendrive API end points return a list of resources like drivers or trips. Such lists of resources can be large depending on your fleet size (number of drivers or number of trips) and time window of the query. The API provides some common parameters to process responses from these List endpoints. All of them are optional.


The list API methods also allow sorting the list by different numerical attributes in both ascending and descending order. This can be done by the order_by and order_type query parameters.

Query Parameter Default Description
order_by none Specifies the numerical attribute by which to sort the list of resources in the response. This is supported for the zendrive score and the various event_rating types in the driving_behavior section of the response (e.g: zendrive_score, overspeeding_rating, phone_use_rating) and numerical attributes in the info section of the response (e.g: distance_km, duration_seconds). start_time is also a valid field. By default, lists in responses are unsorted.
order_type asc Specifies the sort order. asc for sorting in ascending order. desc for sorting in descending order.