Zendrive Scores

The safety and efficiency of your fleet drivers can make or break your bottom line. Zendrive SDK was built to give fleet managers insight into the quality and safety of their drivers based on detailed driving behavior. By accessing phone sensors and combining that data with context about the drive time and place, Zendrive can identify both safe and risky driving - allowing fleet managers to take action before poor driving becomes a liability. Zendrive mobile SDK automatically detects the start and end of driving (called trips) and collects sensor data (GPS / accelerometer / gyroscope etc) throughout the trip.

Zendrive employs state of the art data analysis and machine learning algorithms to compute various driver behavior scores. The overall Zendrive Score is expressed as a number between 0 to 100, with a higher value corresponding to better driving practices. Drivers are also rated on individual driving events such as harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, speeding, hard turns and phone use. Individual event ratings are on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the best. In a customer-facing application, this can be expressed as a simple number, or as a letter grade A-F (like on the Zendrive Dashboard), or in some other intuitive fashion like a star rating.

A value of -1 for an event rating indicates that the driver or the trip cannot be rated on that particular event. This happens most often for the Phone Use rating for drivers with phones that do not have gyroscope sensors, which are necessary to detect phone use events. In these cases, the Zendrive Dashboard displays “NA” instead of a letter grade for phone use score, and the overall Zendrive score is calculated from the remaining events, without consideration of phone use.