About the Zendrive SDK

It takes only 30 minutes to get Zendrive's driver-centric analytics and insights for your fleet. Integrate the SDK into your driver app, and the data and insights will start flowing in.

Our Get Started pages contain the minimum process to integrate the Zendrive SDK into your app.

The Zendrive SDK takes in data from smartphone sensors with minimal battery impact. It automatically detects the start and end of a drive (with callbacks to your app), and uploads the full drive data to Zendrive servers for analysis. Driving insights are then available through Zendrive's dashboard or through the Analytics API.

The Zendrive SDK also provides collision detection. Your application will be notified immediately if the driver running the app is involved in a collision. Learn more.‚Äč

If you've already integrated the Zendrive SDK in your app and want to optimize, look at our Good Housekeeping section.

If you've already integrated the Zendrive SDK and want to get started with analytics, click below: